My entry which won the 2010 Penguin Design Award - to create a cover for Perfume - the story of a murderer by Patrick Süskind. 


I designed my drawing around 18th century french material patterns and drew in a way to emulate the style of engraving from that period. Within the drawing I have created representations of locations and ideas from the book.

pencil (and around 90hrs of solid drawing!) 


The anatomical cross section of the nose intertwining with the flowers is intended to represent the macabre connection that Grenouille's 'gift' allowed him to have with the scent of the young girls (who are represented by the flowers)



Plomb du Cantal and a representation (from 18th century French textiles) of 'Psyche et l'Amour' - Grenouille's first foray into perfumery.


Top left the fish market where Grenouille made his decision to live. The colour was meant to show how Grenouilles 'saw' the girls, as it follows through the flowers down into the nose - the choice of orange is a rather blatant reference to the auburn hair.  


Although perhaps a little too chockfull of meanings and context - even without knowing the specifics the image hopefully speaks for itself!